It’s Sunday, and instead of going for a ride with my sweet baby, I decide to assess the CB and do a quick stripping of unwanted parts. Upon further inspection, it seems the bike isn’t as bad as it looks. I’m gonna toss most of the stock parts, and the frame and motor appear to be solid. Assuming of course the motor does actually turn over. This is the bike before the strip.


Front View Day 1


Side View



Right Side Motor


Left Side Motor

I’m not familiar with the CB175 motor, but that doesn’t look right.


It was pretty easy. No broke bolts. Here are the pictures of the bike with everything gone that I don’t plan on using. There’s not much left of her, but my goal is getting it as light as possible.



It took about 1/2 an hour to get her to this


Front View


Left side Stripped


Rear View

Overall I’m pretty pleased with how it went. I am starting to research parts. This is a bit discouraging, as I am finding it hard to find parts for a ’78. I need a few motor bits, and I haven’t seen the pieces I need on eBay. Nothing major, but non the less. My buddy Dutch works for a company called Airtech. His bike is the nicest of anyone I know. He built a solid, beautiful ’74 Z1 pictured above. He would argue that it still needs work, but don’t we all think that when it comes to our own bikes? I will be getting the fairing, tank and seat from him. They are a San Diego based company, and they really know their shit. They don’t just take orders, and they do all the work in-house.


That’s it for tonight. I’m gonna leave you with the pictures of me and my roommate Mike clowning, and dreaming of being on the track. Enjoy!



I think it might be a bit small for me.


With one knee down, Mike's got Valentino in his sights going into turn 7. Dream on Michael. You'll never catch him.









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  1. Nice start Ted! Looking forward to seeing more progress (and maybe one day riding the lil brute!)


    Mas clown pics!

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