Scrambler Seat

I don’t have any updates on the CB175 as of yet. I admit I kinda lag on this stuff. Work has been busy as hell (a good thing as I work on commission).

Anyway, I decided to upholster the seat on the Scarmbler. I use to have a  stick on foam seat, which I liked the race bike look it gave it, but I wanted something a bit more vintage looking.

So went to the fabric store and bought some inexpensive vinyl. As this is my first upholstery job, I didn’t want to waste alot of money. I dusted off the Singer and went to work.

I got this machine from the wife for Christmas a couple of years ago. It does 4 layers of leather, or I so I have been told.

I put the foam on the seat pan and trimmed it with a brand new razor blade. This is very important, because if the blade is dull it will tear the foam instead of a perfect slice.  

Then I did the cross stitches. I did 30mm apart. And yes I did millimeters to keep the bike metric. I used a ruler and a leather pencil to measure it out.

30mm apart. enough to cover the seat pan and meet in the middle of the bottom. It seem like alot, but there will be trimming later.

I did the piping and tacked it into place.

I actually used a thicker chord in the piping, but I didn't take any pictures. You will see in the final picture that it's considerably thicker.

I drilled holes throught the seat pan and the base and put screws through the seat pan/ foam side. Then I hot glued the screws onto the pan so they don’t slip while tightening the nuts on the underside. Spray the seat foam with some 3M spray glue, so the vinyl doesnt slip around. I trimmed the fat of the vinyl and hot glued it to the underside of the seatpan. Then I mounted the seat pan to the seat. 

Not bad for my first seat. I left it short, because eventually I wanna put a Hansen or Drixton tank on her.



So that’s the seat. Next on the list for the scrambler is new spokes and polished hubs. Let me know what you think.


Side Tracked

Last Friday, my buddy Colin called me to tell me he finished his 1974 BMW R75/6, so of course Mike and I raced (literally) over to his house to check it out. This thing is awesome, and sounds good too. Yes, that is an 8 gallon Heinrich tank. All tits and no ass. The fairing in the picture is unmounted. He still has a few things to work out on, but it’s a runner. After the break in on the motor, he’s touring up the coast. I’m jealous. I wanna go up the coast. Ride on Mangold!

1974 R75/6


Mangold's racer.




Nothing new to post on the CB175. Still sourcing parts. I hope to have something for this weekend.