2010 Triumph Thruxton

Holy shit! How long has it been since I posted? A year maybe. I told you folks I was a slacker.

Anywho, I got really excited about riding with the wife, as she told me she wanted a bike. Yeay!  I wanted her to get a new bike, so I would never have to work on it. She was insistant on a modern classic, which also made me happy. Atleast it would look old. I showed her a total of 4 bikes to look at, which included – Ducati Monster, Ducati Sport Classic 1000, Motto Guzzi V7 and Triumph Thruxton.  I sent her to 2 different local bike shops to check them out and see which one she would like the most. I was hoping for the Ducati 1000. GP downtown San Diego for the Ducatis and Guzzi, and Rocket Motorcycles, Marina Blvd, San Diego for the Thruxton. She wound up going for the Thruxton. I wanted to get it from a Mom & Pop shop, because I believe in supporting local business. Plus these guys know Triumphs, and have been riding them sice the late 60’s.  I’m not sure why, but as it turns out I never took a picture of the bike when we got it.

This is what she looked like new. Good Looking enough.

She rode it a few times, and as it turns out became my daily driver. She actually wants something a bit smaller. Something more like the scrambler.

The first thing I did to it was new pipes. This thing was so quiet, when I would ride with my friends I couldn’t even hear it. I purchased a pair of Norman Hyde Pipes from NewBonneville.com. Kinda quiet at lower RPMs, but when you crack the throttle she really growls. Nice. Next to go were the shitty bar end mirrors. It was a chore to split lanes with those things. I just put on a cheap round bar end on one side. Nice. The Next thing were the bars. I’m not 50 yet, so I opted for some clip ons. I’ll never understand why the changed from the clipons to M bars, but in any case, they had to go. I thought about putting the the stock Thruxton clipons, but I like the Woodcrafts on the honda, so I went with those. Plus, they were just about half as much, for a much better clipon.

"Thruxton Bars"

Not a fan.

"Woodcraft Clipons"

That's better. Oh yeah, and I painted it gold, but we'll get to that.

I also chopped the back fender off and made a bracket for the light, license plate and turn signals. It looked pretty good, and at least I was happy with the way it turned out.

Sorry about the photo, but it's the best one I have.

 So I end up going to rallys and whatnot for vintage bike nights, and is would seem the the Thuxton gets lost in a see of black Thruxtons, so I decided to paint it. I settled on Gold.

First I did the Fender.

Then the cowl

Then the tank. I had to do it in stages because its my daily driver.

All the while, I’ve really started to dig the Thruxton Cup Racers I’m seeing on the internet. I really like the European ones best. So I ask my buddy Sander at Airtech  if he could make me a seat. He seems excited enough about to talk with Kent, and 8 weeks later I have this bitchen seat. Those guys are awesome. He also made me a seat pan so I could upholster it. I know, I know, not true racer, but I gotta ride this thing to and fro work every day. So this is how it came out. I couldn’t be more pumped.

Thruxton cup

I decide to do # plates even though I won't be likely to put #s on it.

"Thruxton Cup"
I’m getting excited.
"Thruxton Cup"
Test Fit
"Thruxton Cup Upholstered"
Upholstery is done, and mounting went well.
"Triumph Truxton Cup Racer"
I’m in love!
"Thruxton Cup Racer"
This is my favorite shot.

That’s it for now…… Scrambler/Drixton Updates to come.



  1. how do you like that Bonneville / Thruxton Cup seat with number plate set up? i have a 2011 bonne t100 and thinking of getting one too. how did you mount it on your bike etc?

    • I love it. Im pretty tall. 6’4″, and i like the way it puts me lower on the bike. Plus my clipons are pretty agressive. I ride that bike as hard as it will let me. Im actually going to rework the seat. Probably next month. It really should have a sub frame for stability. If you want i will take loads of pictures and post them. Are you local to sandiego? If so i would be happy to have you over to check it out.


      • thanks for the info Ted, pictures would be great too. I guess you’d have to make some sort of subframe out of fiberglass? Let me know what you come up with I’m in no real hurry to get a seat, plus might go with another option.

      • U could. However, i am going to glass in balsa wood for a bit more strength and should be light.

        I have to replace the rings in my honda first. Should have that done by the end of the week. I dont have a car so i have to have one working bike. Im also adding an avon front fairing as well. I think they will compliment each other quite well.

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  2. Hi! Your Triumph looks great! I am modifying my 2001 Bonneville to give it a bit more of a cafe look. I was wondering if you still have your thruxton stock handlebars and if you’d like to sell them. Please let me know!

    • Sure. How much were you looking to spend? Where are you located? I also have the risers which seem taller than the bonneville risers. I think without the risers you may hit the bars on the tank. I also have the bar end mirrors too if you are interested. One has some scratches. I can send pics. I also have the stock seat and cowl if you are interested in those as well. I know i could get at least $100 for each plus shipping for those pieces but i could put together a package for the whole lot. Let me know.

  3. Hey do u have any pics of u sitting on the newer thruxton? I am the same height as you and wanted to make sure i won’t look like a clown on a tricycle when riding it.

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