CL360 Fairing

Hey Gang,

So I have done a bit of work on the Honda since last we spoke. I mounted a half fairing. I’m pretty excited, and I think it came out radical. Here are the pics of the mounting and whatnot.

CL360 Racer

I bent these with a torch and a pair of plyers.

CL360 Racer headlight

Mounted the headlight. Its 4″.

CL360 Racer Top Headlight

Here’s the top view.

CL360 Tach Mounted

Mounted the Tach

I went back and forth on the number plate color. I finished it in black, but I think I’m going to go back to yellow.

CL360 Racer Fairing Front

Here it is. I had the cut the headlight hole, and glass in the tunnel for the headlight. I’m real happy with the results.

CL360 racer Fairing Finished

I love this bike. I hope you enjoi it too.



  1. Questions abound!

    Looks fantastic, i’m working on a full fairing for an SR500 and wonder if you can give me any more details about the fairing mount and the headlight work in the fairing.

    I see that you wrote “Torch and Pliers”. What did you use for stock? Did you cut weld the arms to the center front post and then heat/bend them back?

    I’ve got a similar idea about a smaller offset headlight, I was trying to work out how to do a HID projector headlight but the 4″ would be easier and yours looks great.

    Did you fabricate the headlight surround and then glass it in or did you do it in one shot on the fairing? Is the frenched in piece fiberglass or metal?

    Anyway, Bike looks great, thanks for posting as it’ll help me sort out what i’m trying to do.

    • Hey Todd,
      I just used 3/8″ Round tubing, i think a 64 wall. I bent everything first, then welded it all together. I made a template, of the first one I bent, by tracing it on my work bench to acheive the same bend. The Tube that comes from the Neck is a larger diameter, and the brace slides into, and then 2 bolts to keep it from spinning.

      I cut the hole in the fairing with a hole saw, and then went to home depot and picked up a 4″ Cupler from the plumbing dept. thin layer of grease, on theat to keep the fibreglass from sticking to it. be careful, a very thin layer. then i ajusted the angle and glassed it in. Then I welded all of the headlight mounts after the fairing was mounted.

      I hope thos helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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