Yoshimura Inspired 1986 GSXR-750

So I have the Thruxton on the chopping block, and almost have the front end worked out to sell it. I’m gonna miss that little bitch, but I’m super excited about the new project. It an ’86 GSX-R 750. 40 more horsepower than any of my bikes, and should weigh in at about 375 lbs. about 100 lbs less than the Thruxton. Should be exciting to say the least. To be completely honest, I’m a bit scared. as I’m used to “little bikes”. I bought this project from my roommate for $800. I think I’m about $2500 all in, at the moment, and I would say I have another $500 to go. In any case, I have tried to do as much of the work myself.

I had an idea of what to do with this old girl at first, but my roommate has a Yoshimura endurance book at home, so I started to flip through it. I really love that 86′ Suzuka bike. It’s amazing. I’m not really into replicas, because, all of the “hardcore” replica bike people, are all to happy to tell you all of the mistakes you made. Plus, I’m not rich, and it usually takes a grip of coin to reproduce all of that one off shit. Anywho, check it. My version of Yoshimura’s 8 hour Suzuka bike.


86′ GSXR 1100 Rear linkage, to pick up her ass a bit, a WP rear shock, w/ preload, compression, and rebound adjustments and remote reservoir. The wheels are from and 89′ I believe


Offset Endurance style headlight from a VFR400. Mr roommate says the original “anti-dive” forks are terrible, so I put on a set of ’89 forks and front wheel. these also have adjustable preload, compression and rebound.


I think the stock taillight is quite complimentary to the shape of the rear cowl.


In the foreground is Sander’s Next Gen 750 Race Bike. That thing is amazing. if you know Sander (Dutch) at all, you know he doesn’t half ass anything. Maybe I will talk him into doing a write up on his bike.


I’m waiting for the custom GSXR decals, from AKA Screenprinting to finish the clearcoat on the rear. I couldn’t find them anywhere, without paying a grip for the entire ’86 decal set, so I just had them made. Plus I wanted custom colors done.


Thruxton Fairing

OK gang, I know it’s been a minute since my last post. In the meantime, I put a fairing on the Thruxton. I’m pumped! I think this thing looks bitchen. I had to do similar things as I did to the Scrambler, with some differences. This project was a blast. With help from my buddy Dutch, and the use of a lathe (thanks to the dudes at MDR Racing), I feel like we knocked this one out of the park. He are some photos.

Oh, painted it black again, w/some gold pinstriping. The fairing is an Rickman Avon style from Airtech. I still have to remount the gauges, But I’m happy thus far.

Let me know what you think.


Triumph Thruxton Avon Fairing

Triumph Thruxton Avon Fairing

Close-up Side View. I had to lower the clipons about an inch.

Close-up Side View. I had to lower the clipons about an inch.


Thruxton Top Mount

Thruxton Top Mount



Thruxton Lower Brace

Thruxton Lower Brace

CL360 Fairing

Hey Gang,

So I have done a bit of work on the Honda since last we spoke. I mounted a half fairing. I’m pretty excited, and I think it came out radical. Here are the pics of the mounting and whatnot.

CL360 Racer

I bent these with a torch and a pair of plyers.

CL360 Racer headlight

Mounted the headlight. Its 4″.

CL360 Racer Top Headlight

Here’s the top view.

CL360 Tach Mounted

Mounted the Tach

I went back and forth on the number plate color. I finished it in black, but I think I’m going to go back to yellow.

CL360 Racer Fairing Front

Here it is. I had the cut the headlight hole, and glass in the tunnel for the headlight. I’m real happy with the results.

CL360 racer Fairing Finished

I love this bike. I hope you enjoi it too.

It’s getting close….CL360

Ok gang, it’s been awhile since I have done an update on the CL360., and I gotta say, I’m getting excited. It’s looking fucking awesome. Well anyway, I think it looks awesome.

So i have totally rebuilt it , with exception to the gearbox. It’s working well so I didn’t see the need to get that deep into the motor. I also need to replace the cam. The bearing is shot. Well pretty bad anyway. I’m gonna run it that way for a couple of months or until the motor quits. Then I’m gonna bore it out to a 450cc, from 356cc. I’ll put a bigger lobed cam in at that time. Here’s a photo of the cam now.

CL360 Cam Bearing

It's looks pretty bad, but it still feels pretty smooth. Am I lying to you or myself?

So besides the cam, that I think can wait until I free up some money, I need to replace the rings. I need to do that right away. They are so bad that they’re getting blow-by. So bad in fact that it’s fouling the plugs. It wont stay running. I’m gonna get the rings .5 over. That way if they don’t fit properly I can file them down a bit.

I did a test paint job because I wasn’t sure about the the paint scheme. I knew I wanted to do something race style, but to my knowledge Honda didn’t have race bikes in the mid seventies. Mike says it’s because Honda pulled out of racing to focus on the Civic. I can neither confirm nor deny this, but it sounded reasonable enough to me. So anyway I wanted to do something red white and blue. I think that paint scheme looks rad, but I wanted to get the colors right. Here’s the first run.

CL360 test paint

CL360 Profile

CL360 test paint 1

CL360 Front Angle

CL360 test paint 2

CL360 Rear

CL360 test paint 4

CL360 Rear Angle

The last one is my favorite picture so far. So I got the paint mocked up, and I’m happy with the red, but Sander suggested I go a  bit darker on the blue. I agree, so I reshoot with a darker blue. I couldn’t be happier with the suggestion. I slapped on the wings, and cleared it up. It looks good from far but…..

Oh, before I show you those,  I made a # plate mount for it as well. I confirmed what I already knew about welding… I suck at it.

CL360 Number Plate Mount

It not the best but here it is.

Ok, here’s the finished paint. I have to french in a head light and make a tach mount, but other than that I couldn’t be happier.

CL360 Race Paint Scheme, Racer

That's nice

CL360 Race Paint Scheme, Racer 1

That blue is so much better

So I got a little tipsy the other night, and Mike talked me into doing an artsy night photo shoot. I am no Ansel Adams, but here they are. A couple of them turned out pretty cool.

CL360 Drixton Racer Style


CL360 Drixton Racer Style 1

I can't wait to ride the wheels off this little fucker

CL360 Drixton Racer Style 2

CL360 Drixton Racer Style 3

43 I'm hoping that will be my AHRMA #

Well that’s it for tonight gang. My back is starting to smart from bending over this fucking computer. I hope you like it.  McCarron out!

Drixton Tank and Seat

The new Seat and tank look bitchen. Thank you Airtech. You guys kick more ass than a donkey farm.

I had to cut out the rear fender mount, to make everything fit properly, but Dutch said he would help me build a new rear hoop for it. Dutch is the man!  He’s my go to guy when I get stuck. A really patient dude, that has helped me debug my carbs, eletrical and now the rear hoop. But really I’m just trying to make my bike as cool as his.

I had to cut this brace/inner fender mount to make the seat sit on the frame rails. Because of the tank the seat sits further back.

All cut out, and can work on the rear hoop.

Here are pictures of the seat and tank inplace, but no mount points. I still have to weld those in.

I'm excited about the paint. I think gold black and red.

I'm a big fan of the seat shape.

Profile of the tank.

From a higher vantage point.

Rebuilding the Scrambler (again)

So I got a new Fender, tank and seat, from the guys at Airtech, for the scrambler. It’s the Drixton style. I’m really excited about it. We all know what that means…..rebuild. I was always unhappy with the build as it was. The bike itself is a blast to ride, but visually I was not entirely pleased.

I have to cut some tuff off of the frame I missed the first time. I’ll post all of that as I do it. I also have to weld a rear hoop, so I can mount the seat and the battery under the seat. Plus it will make the back end of the frame more rigid.

The first thing on my plate is venting the rear brake. I like the way it looks plus it will help keep it cool.

Here are the pictures…..

Here is the brake plate before I got a hold of it.

And the backside, with the shoes removed.


No plasma cutter, so I have to drill it out.

And the backside.

I'm telling you, my Dremel is my best friend.

I think it turned out pretty good.


And a close up. I got all the materials at Marshalls. The Screen and the aluminum plate. I just have to fix it to the brake plate. I think some allen screws will look nice.

Mike’s Bonneville

My buddy/roommate Mike rides a 2008 Triumph Bonneville, and was unhappy about showing up at bike events and getting lost in a sea of new Bonnevilles. So he decided to do something about it. He painted it. We have a sprayer and a compressor. He wanted something vintage looking, with a modern touch.

Anyway, check out the pictures. It looks pretty bitchen….

That's nice.

He sanded the muffler too. Looks boss Michael.

Oooh artsy!

He hasn’t had time to clearcoat it yet. I’ll post some better ones tonight, with the Airtech flyscreen, and a better profile of the tank. Ride on Michael.